Opportunity Calendar

Please find below a calendar with all the opportunities for city engagement. It includes a whole range of opportunities for interaction between and among cities, solution providers, subject matter experts, NGOs and academia and the Council itself. Types of interactions range from conference calls, webinars, seminars, workshops, conferences and of course digitally. IMPORTANTLY - you can filter for geography, dates and type of activities. You can also see the due date for your participation. We will be updating information on a consistent basis
E.g., 2020-08-09
E.g., 2020-08-09
Event Dates Type Region Contact
*SCC* - WCIT2020 Malaysia Connecting the World 09-14-20 to 09-16-20 Third Party Event: Other ASEAN KC Tay
*SCC* - SCC 5G Community of Practice Bi-Monthly Meeting 09-25-20 Webinar: Online Events ANZ Adam Beck
Smart Cities Week DC 09-29-20 to 10-01-20 City Engagement Global Jason Nelson
*SCC* - Digital Twin Week 10-19-20 to 10-23-20 Other ANZ
IoT North America 2020 11-04-20 to 11-05-20 Third Party Event: Other USA
Iot Tech Expo Europe 2020 11-24-20 to 11-25-20 Third Party Event: Other Europe
*SCC* - SCC 5G Community of Practice Bi-Monthly Meeting 11-27-20 Webinar: Online Events ANZ
*SCC* - World Cities Summit 2021 06-20-21 to 06-24-21 Webinar: Online Events ASEAN KC Tay